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From the Secretary's Desk

"Success comes to those who work hard and stays with those, who do not rest on the laurels of the past"


Pratima ITI College started its journey in the year 2015, with the aim of providing quality Education to the boys and girls of this area. Our mission is to constantly strive to earn greater heights. We feel very happy to be a part of a grand establishment. We are serving here true to our potential to transform the young ones into a potential source of knowledge, energy, strength, and a catalytic force to metamorphose the social fabric. A dedicated team of teachers, administrative staff, aware and cooperative parents, and a management imbued with great vision, form a unified team making endeavours to achieve the above.

Our students and staff enjoy our college campus that is surrounded by "beauty, charm, and adventure." As I walk around our school, it is exciting to see and experience the special and unique opportunities available to our students


ER. Sanjay Kumar

Pratima ITI College

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